How to Get Started

Our work with clients ranges from occasional projects to fully integrated communications programs. In every case, we start by learning about your needs and offering our initial guidance on the most cost-effective strategies to meet your goals.

Our approach is different in that we:

  • Practice value-based billing rather than billing by the hour

  • Do not require clients to sign long-term contracts

  • Custom-design each client’s program to their needs and budget

Get in touch to schedule an initial conversation. If you want to move forward, you can book an initial Discovery + Strategic Planning session with us, so that we can design your custom proposal.


Our Roadmap

for new clients

At Red Window Communications, we keep the onboarding process simple. Here’s how it works:


Tap our expertise in a one-hour strategy session that’s all about your needs and goals. We learn about your current marketing efforts, with interactive brainstorming to produce immediate recommendations for ways to move your communications forward.

Cost: $250


We work with you to define the scope of our work, whether it’s a short-term engagement or monthly services, and to match our pace to your budget. Building upon what we learn in the Discovery + Strategic Planning phase, we are able to lay out detailed task-and-deadline plans in our proposal, to show how we will execute our work for you.

Cost: Included in Discovery + Strategic Planning fee


Service Points

Unlike billable hours, Service Points are values defined in advance, task-by-task. They ensure our clients are paying for what we accomplished, rather than how many hours we spent.

As your communications partner, we collaborate with you to execute a tailored strategy designed around your needs and budget.

Your program will begin with an initial ramp-up phase, followed by a custom blend of monthly services (i.e. social media management, media relations, online content, etc.). Our programs are designed to allow flexibility, so that we can always respond and adjust to your needs and goals.

Cost: $75-85 per Service Point (pre-billed vs. post-billed)


Our monthly report to you sums up what’s been done, what results we saw and what’s coming next. We track data on key metrics such as website visits and social-media engagement, and round up the numbers in a streamlined executive summary. For maximum transparency, we even include a view inside our project-management plans for the coming month, so that you always know where your projects stand.

Cost: Included for monthly service plans of $1,000 and up